Gail's Road

Do You Have The Gail Inside?


a great weekend is almost over.

Yes, what a great weekend we had and it is not over yet. It is so nice to be with the four of us again. It gives my energy and inspiration to do a lot of things with my family. And now it is almost time to go to bed for our two boys. Of course they don’t want to go to bed; also because a lot of other kids are still playing outside. Just for one time they could have half an hour extra to play at the neighbors. I told them to be home at seven and then ...

No more lessons.

I think I have already told you that since I am playing the piano I have some wristpain. The first weeks I thought it was just because my wrist have to get used the way I am using them when I am playing the piano. But the pain stayed and it I could not so much as I really would like to do. I spoke about this with my teacher and we tried to increase the lessons. So I went from once a week till once in the two weeks. But the pain stayed there also because I still had ...